Open G Tuning

Whatever the chosen chord (G, D, E…), open tuning is a tuning technic that makes it easier to play a chord because only the fundamental note and the fifth are being played.

Major and minor chords can be played with open tuning.

Cigar Box Guitars are usually tuned that way.

A chord is obtained when strumming strings with no action on the neck and barre chords are used to play other chords. That makes open tuning ideal for slide guitar

Capture d_écran (230)   Jeu au slide 2   Jeu au slide

ET.Blues guitars are tuned in Open G: G D G B

Strings used are Dean Marley, « Blue Steel Acoustic » Medium 13-56. Out the pack, only 13 (E), 17 (B), 26 (G) and 46 (A) are used.

Neck adjustment is needed when changing tuning or string gauge. This must be done by someone competent in order to avoid damag

manche 3    ETB009TNFirefighter Tete

ing the neck. A 4mm Allen key is used to adjust the truss rod located under the head plate.

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